Whiskey Off-Roading with Les.

Last Friday, TJ and I met up with Les Steukenberg of the Prescott Daily Courier for a photo-shoot and to ride a few sections of the Whiskey Off-Road course. He set us up with a GoPro and captured some great footage from the first singletrack section of the race course.  Les will be out racing this Saturday in his first Whiskey 25.  The Whiskey Off-Road is first and foremost an event for the Prescott community and it's so great to see such a spectrum of people participate.  TJ and I will be cheering on riders from Arizona Devo, the local high schools and many more.  

It's pretty exciting to think about thousands of people out playing on these trails...all in a weekend.  Can't wait!

Capturing a photo with the photographer, Les Steukenberg.

Posted on April 24, 2014 and filed under Mountain Biking.